Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Project

I got so excited about the release of Falling on Ice in the Frozen anthology that I dreamed up (okay, started writing, I'll admit it) a prequel.  It's the story of Sam before everything falls apart. But it's also the story of her best friend, Polly.  Sam is fighting to stay in Rigby, the only place she's ever known, and Polly is just coming back from 10 years away.  She shocked everyone when she split the day after high school graduation. She went to the city and never looked back--but now that she's back and trying to open her own restaurant, she has to face the past she tried to leave behind, which just might come in the form of her former high school flame turned smokin' hot handyman.  Right now I'm calling it Serving Up Love, but that might change.

Check out my inspiration board for the project on Pinterest! http://www.pinterest.com/besskingsley/serving-up-love/

 I have boards for almost all the projects I am currently working on so make sure to follow my pins to stay up to date on all my stories.

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