Saturday, November 8, 2014

Five Random Facts About Me

I'm trying very hard to be good.  And that means finishing edits on Chasing Storm and working on getting past this 40,000 word sticky point that I am in in my current work. I love writing romance, and while love is a very strong theme in this new WIP, it is definitely not a romance novel. It isn't coming easily. It's painful. I've started my typical late night show watching avoidance. I'm not ready to share. So I thought I would share a few things about myself instead.
Without much further procrastination, here goes:
Five facts about me:

1) I use my delightfully dirty mind to write contemporary romance novels. But I write other things too. I have written (and desperately need to finish revising) a YA novel. I finished it before I started using Scrivener and it is just a monster to try and fit it together. I also write literary fiction too.

2) I once went on a beautiful trip to Costa Rica with my husband and now I only have a taste for coffee from there. Right now, I'm out of my CR coffee and am drinking some Kona blend from target. I'm sorry, Hawaii. It's not you, it's me.

3) I'm 35 and wish I had a pony. Actually a horse, but I also insist on calling all horses "pony". I have a 5 year old, so I believe this is acceptable. True horsepersons probably find this irritating.

4) My favorite desert is Baked Alaska. Of course, I am now allergic to almost every ingredient in it, but a girl can dream. Now I eat frozen grapes and strange hypoallergenic cookies. My life is rich and fulfilling.

5) For a large portion of my youth, I was in love with Spot Conlon from Newsies. Never fear Brooklyn is here. Pardon me, I just realized that I need to go buy my husband a slingshot. And a cane. And a newsie cap.

Bye for now,
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