Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Totally Random Tuesday: 10 Random Facts

This poor blog has been neglected--horribly neglected. Mostly because I've been sick all winter, and I fall asleep while putting my kids to bed every night because of this, so all my other free time has been redirected to taking Nyquil or some other Quil and working on my WIP.

1. My current bookshelf looks something like this.
I'm at the point where two storylines are converging and it's awesome. Loving this book so far.

Case Histories

My writing partner gave me this book after a conversation we had about my WIP. I'm just getting into it and it's awesome. There's something about someone sharing a book they describe as "well-loved" that is such a gift. And it's a physical book, which I love.

2.  I could moonlight as a private investigator.  The other day I solved a mystery in my life that has been troubling me for literally 10 years. I also binge watched a lot of Veronica Mars earlier in 2014.

3. After a particularly bad break-up many moons ago, I decided to join the CIA. This involved me trying to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese. I now have the abilities of my five-year-old after she watched 10 episodes of Ni Hao, Kai Lan.

So obviously, that didn't work out.

4. I don't like conflict. I dropped the English part of my double major in college instead of switching to a minor because the former didn't require my advisor's signature. I'd gotten a bad grade on a paper I'd just written in her Victorian Lit class (I usually did very well) and I was mortified. I couldn't even think about facing her.

5. I love movies most people think suck. Conveniently, so does my husband. Right now, one of my all-time favorites is Decoy Bride.
I'm pretty sure it is rated 1-star on Rotten Tomatoes. Whatever, it is awesome and so are Scottish accents.

6. As a child, I loved reading so much, I would use the dim red light of my clock radio after my parents removed all brighter sources of illumination to facilitate sleep instead of reading. I still will stay up all night to finish a book I am really into. And I'm impatient--sometimes I skim. <cringe>

7. I love the beach. In my dream world, I would live with my family in a cottage on an isolated beach somewhere and dig for clams, write, and have tangled, salty hair every day. There would also be a lot of bonfires, rubber boots, and romance. Basically, a Ralph Lauren ad meets Gift From the Sea. 
Anne Morrow Lindberg's work is genius by the way. Actually, maybe I just want Ralph Lauren's house from long ago.
 Perhaps this is because I worked at a Ralph Lauren outlet store during summers in New Hampshire. As an aside, our code for a shoplifter was "Ralph is in the building".  Good quality clothes, though. I still have pajama pants I bought there nearly 20 years ago, and they are still in comfy perfect condition.

8. I am a highly-sensitive person. I can't stand the feeling of flour on my hands or the feeling of the inside of my Kindle cover. I can't stand big crowds or loud noise.  And I still feel pained when I think about some of the mean things people said to me when I was 15 years old.

9. I am the proud owner of a cuckoo clock. Thank you, Mom!
Something about it just makes me feel happy. 
Feeling happy, yet?

10. For as long as I can remember, Sundays make me feel down. I cope with this by making plans to redecorate our house. I do not follow through on these plans. Curtains are ridiculously overpriced and also I don't really like shopping. But a girl can dream. Right now, I am in the process of mentally converting our suburban North Carolina home into some sort of coastal homestead.

That's all for now. In my next post, I will be talking about my next work in progress. It involves a little revenge plot and is a romance. But first, I've got to finish up the literary fiction piece I am working on.  Don't worry, it is full of love, even though it isn't a romance.  And I think the end is in sight.

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